little bits of glory

Over these last couple of weeks, I have been able to see little bits of God’s glory. Through my daily life, through the events on weekends, and even through my students.

Unfortunately, I work in an environment that can be sometimes negative, with budget cuts and challenges to work through everyday on the job, and students who no matter what you do, do not want to behave. It can wear on you. However, I do have the pleasure to have some students who always brighten my day.

  • The ones that want to hand things in early because they have it done already.
  • The students who write really neat and you can read every word they wrote.
  • The students who want to read all the time, even when you are working on something else.
  • The ones that want to give you a hug when they leave.
  • The ones that tell you that English is almost their favorite class.
  • The ones that love to tell you all about their weekend.
  • The students don’t want you stay single and volunteer their brothers or uncles numbers. (Plus those kinds of moments just make you laugh out loud.)
  • The students that get as excited about library day as you.

Sometimes this is what I have to do to get through my day…begin thinking of all the positive moments that make me smile or love my job.

Plus those moments make me see God in a whole new way, because he is answering my prayers and my hope that I am being effective with these students. Plus he gives me those moments as encouragement moment by moment when I want to either tear my hair out or bang my head against the wall.

Then there are these moments with friends, that bring me back to the community that loves, encourages, and prays for me!

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