Piles to sort through…

I haven’t posted in awhile…and it seems like a lot has happened and still is happening.

I went to Manhattan for a short weekend and was encouraged by all my lovely friends!

I survived parent/teacher conferences…and I felt like in someways it was a success.

My big sister came to visit and we went maternity clothes shopping for her to embrace her pregnant body!! (SO EXCITED TO BE AN AUNT!!)

My roommate and I threw a party in our apartment that has stuff on the walls! It was a goal of ours to have things on the wall before this party! We were celebrating our good friend’s marriage coming up in November!

I had my first full week of school in a month! I enjoyed it, even though I was and still sort of am stressed out about getting things planned and taught before Christmas!

I also have realized that I need to make it a priority to spend more time processing through my job and through all the things I am learning spiritually. I feel like my brain is full of things to think about, but it is piles that I need to sort through, sort of like my closet. And just like straightening up my closet, afterward I will be able to work better knowing that I have a clear view of things, and can find things much easier!

Pictures of these last couple of weeks to come….

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