Fall is in the air. Here are a few reasons why I love fall.

1. I get to wear my sweats to bed without sweating now.
2. The colors of the trees explode!
3. The air tastes fresh and crisp.
4. The sunshine peaking through clouds.
5. The reminder that a rebirth is coming!
6. The smell of fires burning and grass still being cut.
7. Sweaters, scarves, layering, and fun socks!

Those are just a few. I woke up this morning refreshed and ready to start my day, even if it was 10:00am. I enjoy Saturday’s so much, because I get to have Me time. I get to do whatever I want for most of the day. I usually enjoy going somewhere like a bookstore or coffeeshop and spend my day reflecting, reading, being with Jesus. It is the most refreshing part of living somewhere new. No one knows me. I don’t have to worry about going somewhere and seeing a bunch of people I know. For the most part, I get to live very secluded, and I like it. I get to think and reflect on my life now, my struggles, and triumphs.

It is entirely possible that I love my new life, it just keeps getting better and better. God is so so so so so faithful. If you want to know more about why I think that, let me know!!

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