Valentine’s Day

(I stole this picture for Pioneer Woman’s Blog…so I want to give her credit.)

So…. it is typical for a single woman to rant about Valentine’s day…A rant about the fact that it is another reminder that she doesn’t have someone to send her flowers or a Valentine. Another hint that she doesn’t have a date for all the weddings she is invited to. Another notice that she is alone. A rant about how Valentine’s day is just a greeting card companies’ way of making all the single people in America feel bad about themselves and remind them that the only way to feel good is to have a significant other. (That actually isn’t the way Valentine’s day started…see Wikipedia…

Sounds depressing right. I had these fleeting depressing thoughts….until I reminded myself. That being cynical about a holiday that I will someday relish in and celebrate is sort of hypocritical.

That’s not me! I don’t want to be that girl. I actually enjoy making Valentine’s. I gave some away. And I have great little 7th graders that gave me some Valentine’s and some chocolates. I love giving things to other people on Valentine’s day because I don’t want other people to feel lonely or depressed either.

And I am comfortable enough in where I am at in my life that I don’t need to feel sad or depressed about what I don’t have. I am happy to have what I have. What would that be? Time to write blog entries about how I am not mad at Valentine’s Day!!

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