March Forth Soldier

Someone used that joke one time when we were talking about my birthday! Yep I had my birthday this week…perhaps later I will post some pictures. I keep making these promises about pictures but somehow it hasn’t happened yet.

So….I turned 24 on the 4th…it was the last day of State Reading Assessments. Here are a few things that I loved about the day.

1. It was sort of ironic, but I overslept a little but still made it to work somewhat on time.
2. My mom called me on my way to work!
3. I was attacked by some of my kiddos in the hallway to wish me a happy birthday!
4. I was informed by another teacher that one of my students had brought me a cake and was confused when I wasn’t in my classroom right away.
5. My mom sent me flowers and they were beautiful!
6. My student gave me the cake and told me it was all for me…I had to eat it all. (Confession, i thought about it, because calories don’t count on your birthday.)
7. I had more birthday wishes from my students.
8. It was the LAST day of Reading Assessments…that means it’s over…I can relax and have a little more fun with my students.
9. I kept getting Texts throughout the day from people I love.
10. My students ROCKED it on the State Assessments and I am very proud of them!

Did I mention that the State Reading Assessments are over? I don’t think I ever realized how big of deal they were to the students until the next day when they hounded me for their scores.
I also realized through this whole experience how much I don’t like teaching to the test, I felt that it was all I talked about for the last 2 months. I don’t like that they feel the pressure just as much as I do. But now I am excited to continue to do things with them that will reinforce everything I have taught these last 8 months.

Have I mentioned how much I like my job. I love my students…even the ones that drive me up the wall…they do sometimes make me smile and glad that I do what I do.

You know who else rocks….my roommate…she bought me a cake with candles and we had cake and ice cream and watched The Office…even though she doesn’t find it as funny as I do.

Okay…this time I mean it…more pictures later!

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