sick days

I think I should rename this blog…memoirs of a first year teacher or something like that. This entry is all about how kids make you sick…literally.

I had to miss my very first professional day because I was sick on Friday morning. I went to school thinking I would feel better, but then I didn’t and they told me to go home so I did. We didn’t have kids that day so it was good that I didn’t stay.

The sad part was that I was supposed to have a friend coming this weekend and so I needed Friday to rest up. And I felt better for a while, but Saturday morning I felt like crap and then better for a little while to check out the Plaza Art fair, then got bad again Sat. Night. But I woke up in a sweat last night about midnight realizing that I didn’t have a fever and I could remove the five layers of clothes and blankets I had on me. And slept great until 8 this morning.

The flu/cold came and left me with lots of mucus.

I am bringing Lysol wipes to school with me and making kids wash their hands more. I don’t want any of those germs any more.

I hate being sick…I am sure everyone would agree with me. Other than the fact that I was able to watch the morning shows and sleep all day.

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