Any excuse to have a party!

 What do you do when it is winter in the midwest and you have the winter blues?? 
Find any excuse to have a party!! 

My friends and I decided to celebrate a very special February holiday with costumes and great food!!

Yep….President’s Day!  (That was the first holiday to pop into your mind..right?)

Love these Girls and all their brilliant ideas!

Rosie the Riveter

Secret Service

Presidential Candidate and his team!

Best Costume of the night! Abe Lincoln

Other events of the night, a debate about the controversial topic of puppies vs. kittens, voting on fav appetizers, the pat down when you came through the door, and a exciting card game ‘President’. 

Lots of laughs and great conversations!


Every Sunday, I spend an hour or two at one of my favorite coffeeshops. It is a little out of my way, but I don’t mind because they have great coffee and great seating. I usually spend this time thinking about what God is teaching me. Sometimes I spend the time reading or just writing out to God. Lately, I feel like I have this on going dialogue with God about what I am supposed to do with my future.

Not that I have major decisions to make, or major things in my path, but I feel like God tugging on my heart to start praying about major unknown things. This conversation with God is refreshing because I feel more open than ever to be completely honest with myself and with God. I feel like I am laying more heart out more and more for Him.

This time every week is important to my soul. I feel refreshed and filled up. It’s just me and God and a whole bunch of strangers that I can easily ignore by putting in my headphones and listening to my many pandora stations.

It has become a tradition over the winter months and I am excited to continue it over the summer. What weekly traditions do you have that are food for you soul?