I am still reading TrueFaced…and every time I read it, I am blown away how applicable it is to my life and what I am going through right now. Here are two thoughts from what I read this week.

“When we walk around with unresolved sin, it’s as if we’re wearing a heavily insulated parka on the hottest day of summer. We are suffocating and can’t figure out why.”

This would describe a lot of what I have felt in the last five years.

“Repentance is a gift of God’s grace because your repentance literally doesn’t have a chance without grace. Grace alone resolves sin. “

This sounds so cliche-ish, but I am beginning to think a lot more about the true role of grace and how the Cross brings grace to fruition.

In this chapter about repentance, it says that repentance is about trust in God to take care of your sin for you.

So many things to think over.

Just wanted to share.

book thoughts

I am currently reading this book called TrueFaced. It was recommended by multiple people and it is a book that has been sitting underneath my bed for about 3 months. When I was uninspired to read anything else I reached for that one.

*Side note: I should read more….I love reading, but I have been distracted by my DVR. I think reading my have been on my list of possible resolutions that I never fully made.

Anyways, back to the book. I started reading through this book and was blown away. I thought, did these people read my journal and decide to write a book about my life. The main premise of the book is about living genuinely out of who God made you to be. So much of my life has been creating a persona that others will like and want to be around. I have walked the walk, and talked the talk, but am I really living as who God intended me to be.

It is hard to put into words what exactly this book is doing to my thought process, but I will update on that more later. But it is a book that was written for people who have been apart of a Christian community for a long time and feel like they are wearing masks and performing. So far, I recommend it!