I choose STRONG!

Maybe you can relate, but the world has a way of dictating your life and your feelings.  It sometimes seems like I have no choice in how I am supposed to act or to feel.  We can let the world rule our choices and sit passively by or we take an active part in deciding.

I realized recently that I DO have a choice! 

I decide every morning what my attitude will be for the day!
I decide what I eat, what I do, where I go, what my day will include, who it will include.

So I decided that I have a decision about my decisions….I could choose to be weak and go at life from that perspective of always being defeated and deflated about what life throws at me OR…

I could choose to be STRONG!

Strong in joy and love
Strong in assurance from the Lord.
Strong in living healthy and fit.

As I build up my physical muscles with lifting weights and crazy lunges/squats, I am reminded that I need to do the same for my emotional and spiritual body.  I am still figuring out what that looks like, but it seems like the more I make decisions to be strong, the easier it get, so perhaps choosing good things builds up those emotional and spiritual muscles.

With strength comes confidence, grace and joy.  It means I stand up straight and walk with confidence because I am a daughter of the king, a woman graced with a joy from within no matter what I look like on the outside.

What does choosing to be strong mean to you?


When I think of the word confidence, I somehow will always have a picture of Julie Andrews dancing down a dirt road singing….”I have confidence in confidence alone.” But lately, that is what I have been wanting to sing.

My new lifestyle has lead to some confidence in my life. Confidence in who God made me to be, confidence in my abilities, confidence in the future, confidence in how I look. I love being able to buy new clothes and look amazing in them without really even trying. I love to be able to try new things and not feel silly. I have noticed that I hold my head just a little higher, I sit up a little straighter, and feel more comfortable among strangers.

I have the confidence to buy accessories that I might not be brave enough to buy before.

Don’t get me wrong, I do think you should feel comfortable in your skin, no matter what size or shape you are, but for me I wasn’t comfortable in my skin. I was miserable. I was sad and depressed and I wanted something in my life to change. I wanted something more.

So those of you that think that it is impossible to change, that your life is going to stay the same no matter what you do, you are wrong. It is possible to make a change, you have to make a decision that you will no longer settle, you have to make a decision that what you want is worth the work to get it. You have to make a decision, that doing something is better than doing nothing at all.

What decision do you need to make?