The day I ate half a giant bar of chocolate….

Okay, so maybe it it was 3/4 of the bar, but at least I had the restraint to not eat the last quarter.

I would like to say this was an isolated incident, but it wasn’t.  Tuesday, this was all brought on by the stress of a horrible day. I eat when I am stressed, and someone put a giant chocolate bar in my mailbox and school.  Who was this instrument of evil? (Okay, so I exaggerate, not their fault.  They were actually being so extremely thoughtful.)

In the end, I know that this bar of chocolate cannot actually satisfy or help in anyway, but I THINK momentarily that it will.  I think that food or sweets will give me peace and magically I will be more joyful and kind and gracious to the people around me. I think that this chocolate is exactly what I need to make things better.

But actually what it does is make me feel guilt and shame and experience a sugar low at some point of the day.  That peace isn’t going to come in the form of a candy bar, ice cream cone, or even in a happy hour spent venting about a stressful day.

I can only find the peace and joy I long for from directly from the source of all peace and joy.  The One who created this desire in me.  This song reminds me of where I can find my peace.

Running in Circles by United Pursuit Band

I’m so forgetful, but You always remind me
You’re the only one who brings me peace
You’re the only one who brings me peace
So I come, Lord I come I come, Lord I come
To tell you I love you
To tell you I need you

To tell you there’s no better place for me than in your arms
To tell you I’m sorry
For running in circles
For placing my focus on the waves,not on your face

You’re the only one who brings me peace
You’re the only one who brings me peace

In the storm In the storm

What do you run to find peace where it won’t be found?  How do you bring yourself out of that? 

Chocolate Banana Cupcakes–LOW FAT!

Yesterday, I was seriously craving chocolate and I didn’t have a BBQ to mooch of other people’s efforts! So I decided to make something to enjoy myself.

I did have a hamburger on our nations B-Day (ya know….just to be patriotic and such), so I wanted to make sure I made something that was low in fat and bad stuff. (I don’t think sugar is terrible for you. 🙂 )

Did you know that lots of other things can be substituted for eggs in baked goods! Yeah, I know…CRAZY! You just need eggs or something there to make all the ingredients stick together. SO I sort of invented a recipe based off information that I got from google! (Gotta love google)
To make it easier, I just used a box mix, but I am looking forward to finding recipes that use more whole wheat flours and oats and such. I will post a picture of the cupcakes later! I didn’t decorate them or anything, but I didn’t really need to….it was just me eating them!

ChocoBanana Low-Fat Cupcakes

1 Cake Mix- (I like Betty Crockers Devil’s Food, but you can use anyone that you want…you could even find a sugar free one if you are feeling guilty about making them anyways.)

1/2 cup of Mushed Bananas per egg (Again depends on the recipe, but this one required 3, so I mushed up a 1.5 cups of bananas…luckily I had some that were going bad sitting around.)

1/4 tsp of Baking Powder per egg (this helps it not be so dense apparently…so says google)

1 cup of water (the box recipe required 1.5 cups but I added 1 cup and mixed and it looking runny enough.)

Once you get it all in the bowl, mix it with a mixer or hand mixer for 2 minutes. (I don’t have a Kitchen Aid mixer yet…so I just used a hand mixer.) Mixing it helps add a little air to the dough so that it will be flufflier.

This mix makes 24 cupcakes, but you could make a cake instead.

Anyways, I use this nifty website called Recipe Calculator that helps me calculate the total calories per serving, after entering the ingredients I get this:
Per Cucpake: 98 Calories and 2 grams of fat!

Needless to say fulfilling my chocolate fix will not be followed by a guilt trip!

What are you guilt free tasty recipes?