Run over by a bus….

…is what I feel like at the end of the week. I don’t know what my students do to me to make me feel completely exhausted and worn out, but I wake up on Saturday mornings feeling completely out of it. It takes so much energy to get out of bed.

(insert picture of me getting hit by a bus 🙂 )

Well, this week, I know that I expended for more than my capacity of energy. We finally had our Drama club performance after postponing it several times. I am so glad it is over, in some ways I had been dreading it because I thought that we could have used far more time to practice. However, the kids did great! They went so much faster than anticipated and were very nervous, but I was proud.

I was really glad that the weekend came around. I really needed this one.

On another note, I am trying to become a better blogger, but sometimes I don’t really have anything interesting to blog about. So here are the interesting things in my life right now:

-Invitations: I am making invitations for my sisters baby shower…I love making invitations and cards, it pretty much is my second calling. (pictures soon)
-Bad movies: I love seeing bad movies, mostly because when they are over, I can make witting remarks about horrible they are. (I won’t ruin the bad one I saw for you. Let’s just say Napoleon and Pedro make a horrible reappearance.)
-The Office: Yep, I just ordered Season 2-5 from Amazon…pretty pumped to be able to watch them whenever I want and not put up with my really slow computer to watch them on netflix.
-Cast party: I need to plan the cast party for Drama club and I am trying to decide what musical to have them watch. Any ideas? I have a few, but I know they won’t like what I pick, and I don’t know whether they are over High School musical or not?