To The Dreamers: What I am listening to….

This touches the restless, angsty places in my heart as I sit and write my heart out for myself, for others young and old. 

This song quickly is becoming my anthem as I sit and imagine my life a year, two years, 10 years from now.

These words are spilling into my soul as I pray for God to point in the direction he would want me to go.

Maybe you need these words too! A little bit of permission to be a dreamer….right, because dreamers aren’t always seen as the most productive type.

Music has a way of speaking to parts of my heart and mind that otherwise goes untouched.  I love the fact that I can listen to this and  like it is okay to be here at this point in my life right now….dreaming about what is next!

What is your anthem? What song is inspiring you currently?  What are you dreaming about? 

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