Sitting at the table with a couple of other teachers talking about our jobs, I was reminded that it is all about perspective.

There are many frustrating things about my job, my living situation, and perhaps even just my life. However, when talking with a couple of teachers who are experiencing some hard things in their jobs, I realized that I have it pretty good.

Many times my married friends express jealously of my single life.

My first response is to scoff at them and express disdain for them. From their perspective, they believe that what I have is better.  I shouldn’t complain about my single life, I have it good. I have time, extra money, less responsibilities, I am unchained. From my perspective, I have uncertainty, I feel untethered, I have no one there to help with those life responsibilities, I have loneliness, on the outside of all the life has to offer.

It feels like they are trivializing my struggles.  By that statement it feels as if they view my problems as small. 
However, this isn’t just my problem it is everyone’s problem.  Whether, single, wanting to have kids, searching for a job, being in college, having a crappy job.  We are always wanting something else.

We want what we don’t have.  

We think that next thing is going to satisfy us
….to make our lives more complete
….to answer all of our prayers.

This is a conversation that I have with my friends, married and single all the time.  What are we wanting next? If I could just do this or that? Perhaps then I will find what I am looking for.

However, I don’t want to live a life like that.  I want to live a life of contentedness.  I want to be joyful with what God has given me and not continually long for more.

Nice thought isn’t it.  Easier said than done.

It starts with real conversations with people. 

Those people that express jealousy about my life, perhaps need to hear about my struggles, need me to be real with them.  Perhaps, it means that I need to listen to them, and receive their outside perspective of my life. 

Who do you need to listen to?  What can their perspective show you about your life?

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