Blogging Struggle

So I signed up for this 30 day challenge, we had to pick a goal and each day we would receive an email motivating us, giving us tools for how to meet our goal.

My goal: To write on this blog 3 times a week for 30 days.

Right now, I am failing.  I have had 3 snow days in a row and I haven’t blogged once.  #epicfail

Why not?

I am paralyzed emotionally, creatively.  I am frustrated and angry about my current life situation and I don’t know what to do about it.  I am stuck.

Sure lots of people could give me cliche advice: “Just go to God.” “Pray about it.” “It will get better.” “It won’t be this way forever.”

Unfortunately, it doesn’t feel like it.  I am so driven by my emotions, they get the better of me. (Perhaps, I have been teaching middle schoolers too long.)

My quandary is that I don’t want to write about the depressing things in my life.  I want to write about the wins, the blessings, the triumphs, the victories.

However, those things aren’t the whole of life.  Those things are great, but they have a way of masking the roots, the reasons why they are triumphs and victories.

So I am stuck in this place, where I don’t know what to write about.  There are certain topics I steer clear of because I don’t know whether I am ready to publicly ready to put myself completely out there.

So, if you read my blog and have some ideas for me, feel free to share!

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