Not the Same

As I am on the eve of the 1st day of my 5th year of teaching, it is sinking in that I am in this.  I am no longer just fresh out of college just trying to survive from day to day.  I have chosen this as a career path. (I am even going for more degrees in education.)

It is sinking in that what I do is important, it is weighty and powerful.  As much as that could cause me stress and anxiety, it is actually exciting. 

Exciting… because I have an amazing opportunity to impact lives in a very real way.  I have the opportunity to love and care for students at a vulnerable point in their lives.  Good or bad, I am there in their lives everyday. It has taken much of the summer for me to get back to this point after a stressful year.  As I set up my classroom and began plans for the year, I began to feel the excitement build.

I am not excited because I want them to remember me or everything from my class.(Let’s me honest, they might seem like they are forgetting everything we teach!)  I could care less if I get the credit for changing their lives. (If I wanted credit, I would have gone into the entertainment industry.)  I honestly care more if their lives are changed at all.

 I don’t want them to come out of my class the same way they came in. 

This year, our district theme is “I teach, what is your superpower?” At the end of our convocation, they showed a video about past district graduates and where they are now.  These past students mentioned lessons they learned from their teachers.  These were people still within the community and spread around the country.  After watching this I realized that what I do matters and can change lives, even if it is a little bit at a time.  (I was also crying along with all the feelers in the room!)

This video made me realize that by just being there I impact and influence my students, maybe in the long run  the world. And isn’t that what Superheros are about? Saving the world?

Maybe Beyonce is on to something here….

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