Things I love!

Perhaps July will be my month of blogging, I have probably posted more in the last 2 weeks, then I have all semester!

Much of what I do all day in the summer is follow the goings on of Twitter!  Most people think it is pointless, maybe they don’t really know how to use Twitter to its full potential, but I honestly learn a lot from it.  A lot of people I follow post links to articles and blogs, that I read and pass on to others who might want to read it too!

Recently Relevant Magazine posted a link to this article.

You should read it!  And maybe use it to think about the things you love instead of the things you hate.
I am like the other, I probably talk about the things I don’t like more often then I think about the things I do love.  
In that thought, I wanted to make a list of a few things I do love! 
1. Summer mornings- the cool breeze, smell of cut grass, birds chirping, and the time I have to sit on my porch and leisurely drink my coffee from a cute mug instead of a travel mug on my way to school.
2. Coffeeshops- the constant buzz of people in and out, the sounds of the baristas making lots of yummy drinks, the smell that lingers on my clothes and in my books after I am gone, and the people I meet in them.
3. Corny jokes- I just love puns and silly jokes that kids tell you.  It makes me remember the simple things that cause joy.
4. Road trips- I love getting in my car and driving with friends somewhere! I recently took a trip with a few friends and it was amazingly soul refreshing.  Not to mention it was to my hometown and that made it so much better. 
These are just a few, maybe in the next couple of weeks, I will post a few more!
What are things that you love and love to talk about to others!

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