Sweet Summer Time

Last week about this time, I gained my freedom for the summer!

I certainly didn’t go into the teaching profession to have my summer’s off, but I won’t refuse the opportunity to sleep in, leisurely sip my coffee on my deck, read for fun, and spend my days by the pool.

If only that’s all that I did!

For several days, I have sorted through all of the things I have left undone throughout this year, things long ignored because of the pressing: ungraded papers, lessons to plan, emails to send, and meetings to attend.

As I have begun my annual cleaning of my entire apartment, and cleaning out of my closet and files.  I have also begun my bucket list of the summer!  I was inspired to make a list of things I would like to do this summer, but not things that have to be done.

Here is what I have so far:

1. Cook strange things!
– I have been pinning recipes on Pinterest all year, now is the time to actually try them out!  Perhaps, I will fall in love with cooking again.

2. Make new friends and spend quality time with old ones
– This is really a goal in life always, but I like to think that now I have some extra time, I want to be around my people.  The people that are ignored for those papers and lessons.

3. Write more
– I love writing and dreaming and thinking.  I want to spend more time penning thoughts on paper instead of always having to say them out loud to someone else.

4. Be creative
– Perhaps this goes along with writing, but my creative energy has been low this year, I want to spend time feeding that part of my soul. 

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