There are many times in my life where I regret choosing Piano Lessons over Ballet, and every summer I feel that tinge of regret again. Don’t get me wrong, I loved playing piano.

(Notice I say loved, because I don’t own a piano and only play when I visit my parents. Shhh…don’t tell my mother.)

I think that I could go back in time, I would change that one thing about my childhood.

(That and what I wore for my 5th grade picture day. I mean seriously, what was I thinking with those bangs.) 

I feel that regret of not having chosen to train as a dancer because of…

 (or So You Think You Can Dance)

I am not shy about sharing my affection for this show, nor my agitation with Mary Murphy’s laugh.  This show is da bomb diggity! Or awesome-sauce!

These are just a few reasons why I love this show!

  • The very fact that these people have to be legit to win
  • The amazing choreographers (Napoleon and Tabitha!!) 
  • Cat Deeley (Who deserves an Emmy over Ryan Seacrest)
  • The fantastic emmy-award winning pieces that are UNFORGETTABLE 

 (I mean seriously!….Ah-MAZING!!)

  • The guest judges (Jesse Tyler Fergueson, Lady Gaga, Lil C)
  • The variety of dance from Ballroom, to Hip Hop, to Disco, and Jazz
  • The heart wrenching stories, from mom’s going blind, stay at home moms, homeless children. It will pull on your heart strings.

Every week after watching this show, I feel the need to turn on some music and dance around my living room pretending that I look just like those that make it to the top 20! (I will be posting a Youtube video that only my friends and I will find funny in the near future.)

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