What starts with "L" and I can dress as it?

Recently, I was invited to a costume party and I needed to come dressed as something that started with the same letter as my first name….”L”. I usually don’t do costumes well. People think that because I am a theater person, I could do this easily and probably have a closet full of costumes. They are wrong. I used to go to Halloween parties dressed as….myself, or a nerd, or a cowgirl. All not very creative at all.

The most creative I have ever been with a Costume was several years ago, and I can’t take credit for the whole idea. Teeth with Braces!!

For this project I brainstormed for 2 weeks, I asked other people…and here is the list I came up with:

Lady Gaga
Lady Liberty
Latitude and Longitude
Little Mermaid
Laura Bush

The day before this idea was presented….a Lego!! Now THAT I could do. Thanks to Pinterest and Google, I figured out how to create the costume.

Being the procrastinator that I am, I finished 30 minutes before leaving for the party.

This was the finish product….
This will probably be my Halloween Costume next year!

If you had to come to that same party, what would you come dressed as?

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