High Heels

People have always told me that I am tall. Sort of like, people think I am unaware of how tall I am. I use to find it a point of pride. When I was in 6th grade, we lined up by height in gym class. I was 2nd to the top. Even if I was “chubby” as a child, I still had my height.


I liked being tall, it meant that I could reach for things that others couldn’t.

I thought it meant I could jump higher, but in 8th grade basketball the coach got tired of me just reaching for the ball instead of actually jumping. The funny thing was I thought I was actually jumping. I had to practice jumping at the side of the gym….it was terrible, just terrible.

Being tall meant that I had long legs, which I thought would make me run faster…turns out, the only thing that makes you run faster is practicing running faster.

Being tall meant other things as well, it meant that I had to make sure to buy special jeans, because the regular ones would just be too short.

It meant my long legs would get uncomfortable when cramped in a car for too long. I would have to fight for the front seat otherwise I would get claustrophobic in the back….no one believed me, but it is legitimate.

However, because I am tall, when I wear heels it feels as if I am towering above everyone else. So I have always been afraid/paranoid to wear heels. I have always liked the idea of wearing high heels. I loved the look of the sharp pointy heels.

Sure I have worn heels for special events, being a bridesmaid, dances, New Years. But I never really wore heels on a regular basis to church or to work….

until today….

I wore some pretty “killer” heels. The quotations are because I probably would have died if a student bumped into be coming down the stairs.

Walking proved to be frustrating because I have a normal speed that was disrupted by these heels.

However, the reason I wore them was that I found this cute dress at Target on clearance (I am never one to turn down a good sale). The only footwear that looks good with the dress are the heels.

So I wore heels. And boy, I was not prepared for the reactions.

These were just a few of the comments from my friends and my students (hopefully you can distinguish the ones from the students.):
“Ms. Spare, you are wearing heels?” (Like it is the strangest thing they have seen in a while.)
“Your calves are delicious.”
“Hey there, you look hot today.”
“Don’t take this the wrong way, but you look really good today. Not that usually don’t look good.”
“I want to take a bite out of your calves.”
(Said to someone else) “She looks really grown up today.”
“Ms. Spare, why are you dressed up?”
“Ms. Spare, you look really pretty.”

You can imagine the high that I left school on. Everyone needs a day like this, to give them a little boost. This was actually a very big boost for me.

Now, I have to figure out what to wear tomorrow….it probably will seem really lame compared to today.

What’s the best/strangest compliment you have ever received?

2 thoughts on “High Heels

  1. I love this! I'm surprised I haven't read your blog before, but Larissa, you're amazing! My favorite compliment that YOU got that day was that your calves looked delicious. HA. I am sure that they did! You are such an inspiration to me!
    The best compliment I have received would probably have to be one that I got today- I was eating breakfast with a friend and she was telling me how she was talking with a different friend about what a threat I was- nice, sweet, smart, cute, etc. I couldn't stop blushing! The best compliments I think are when other people talk about you, but not to your face. Sometimes I think people are afraid to give compliments, but everyone needs to hear them sometimes.


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