Uninspired/Uninteresting List

Many times I sit down at my computer and think, “I should update my blog.” Then I think about what is going on in my life and I think, “I don’t have anything inspiring or interesting to share.”

In pride, I am prone to defend myself….to myself, wanting to think more of my life than what it really is. Sometimes, when it comes to blogging, I want something profound to share, something worthy of leaving a digital footprint with. I am no longer waiting for that, because I don’t think it will ever really happen. So here you go, my uninspired list of things I was going to post about but didn’t.

1. My busy December, lots of activities, a drama club production, listening to Tim Keller live, getting ready for Christmas, finishing up the semester, plus Christmas and all that entails.

2. My Christmas with the family. (I didn’t want to post about it, because they read my blog, and I don’t want them to be mad at me for my thoughts…..but they will probably wonder what I mean and ask me, and get mad anyway.)

3. Starting a new semester with the kiddos! Gotta love ’em….they’re teenagers and they are crazy, but I love them a lot….I mean a lot!

4. New Year’s Resolutions….I made them this year, because…well…I want 2012 to be different, better/amazing! One of them is to blog more….even if people don’t read it. I want/need to write and this is a great way to commit to doing it regularly.

5. My commitment to run another Half Marathon…this time with my sister and maybe my brother, if I convinced him!

6. Losing 4 pounds in 1 week last week! Yep, it took a lot of dedication and a couple of times saying no to things that called out “EAT ME” but I did it…..now if it would only happen again.

7. My most amazing/wonderful/awesome/great/cool friends that I get to hang out with all the time. (I actually think I might post about them, but we will see.)

Do you ever feel uninteresting? Do you feel like you don’t have anything to share worth hearing or reading? What do you do? Or do these things sound interesting to you and I am just crazy?

3 thoughts on “Uninspired/Uninteresting List

  1. Can I be that person that comments on your blog and points out typos? Because you're an English teacher and I'm that weirdo that notices a lot of random things, I'm going to do it.
    #3. You used the wrong form of their. It should be: they're teenagers.

    I love it girl. Keep it up. I think your blog ideas are interesting. I often feel the same way about blogging. I either have nothing interesting to say or I wonder if I'm just blogging to get attention and make my life sound exciting. Who cares. Express yourself!


  2. Thanks for pointing out my typos…I am a very dysfunctional English teacher. I should edit it more closely! Thanks for reading…I read yours. I should comment more for you!


  3. i love your blog! keep it up!! miss seeing you around. good to run into you today, though. We're getting one of “those teenagers” that you love… our foster son's sister is moving in with us in another week or so. She's 13… and in 7th grade!! ahhhhh! it will be worth it… 🙂 (here's hoping!)


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