I wasn’t very good about posting everyday about what I am thankful for…so to continue from the last post…

I am thankful for…

Day 14: Books, because of books, my childhood was adventurous. I spent winter evenings with the March Sisters, traveled to the west with Laura Ingalls, solved mysteries with Nancy Drew, and found a kindred spirit in Anne of Green Gables. I love introducing my students to amazing characters and stories. I always have a long list of books to read.

Day 15: Library Day- I love books, I want my students to love books, thus we go to the library and talk about books!

Day 16: My Best Friend…she continues to be a faithful and true friend. Even though we have gone through rough patches, I believe she will continue to be the friend I always prayed for as a 12 year old.

Day 17: Thursday Night Dinner Gals

Day 18: Friday Nights in my sweats! ‘Nuff said!

Day 19: Breakfast food! I love eggs, cheese, fruit, bread, waffles, french toast

Day 20: My Gospel Community Group, I have had great groups in the past and I just keep getting blessed with some really cool people to know and fellowship with.

Day 21: My students…they make me laugh with their 12 year old logic and their excitement about life.

Day 22: Anne and Elise, two of my fav co-workers. I love that we can hang out outside of school and be friends!

Day 23: Kansas sunsets….nothing declares God’s glory like watching the sun set on the plains of Kansas. The sky comes alive with color and wonder.

Day 24: Memories….funny story. Around our Thanksgiving table we talked about our most memorable Thanksgiving. 2 of my sisters and I shared the exact same memory. It was a year that our brother, the oldest one, was sick and we had a very pleasant and mellow holiday. He usually was very argumentative and loved to stir the pot when given the chance. It was hilarious because it sticks out in everyone of our minds.

Day 25: My sisters! I love that we all continue to strive to be friends and that we have hilarious moments together!

Day 26: The ability/motivation to push myself harder physically.

Day 27: The Word of God! In years past, I have had wavering love and appreciation for God’s Word, but I feel like I am able to say today that I appreciate the truth and joy that it has brought to my life.

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