Late to the Thankful Party

So I have notice some of my friends and family posting what they are thankful for every day this month. Every time I see a post, I want to join in, but I thought I would just catch up today. I have 13 things to be thankful for so far….I am not going to prioritize totally because that is too much thinking for a Sunday morning!

I am thankful for:

Day 1: My Savior and My God….my life would have no purpose, no hope, no joy without Christ’s sacrifice on the cross.

Day 2: My siblings….as much as they frustrated me growing up, I love them a lot. I am excited to see them a lot in the next month or so!

Day 3: My job…I get to do what I love everyday and love on a great group of kids who make me laugh, challenge me to be the best teacher possible.

(I try to tell them that I am not married, but they have a hard time remembering.)

Day 4: My friends….even when all they are doing is sitting on their computer next to me or far away, I love having friends who love me for me.

Day 5: My Redeemer Community….when I left college for KC, I prayed that I would find a church home, and I did. Every time I spend time with my community, I feel home.

Day 6: My parents! They have done so much for me and continue to love and pray for me every day. I can always count on them to preach truth and love at me when I need to hear it.

Day 7: My co-workers! They are tons of fun and help keep me sane on crazy days! I don’t think I could do my job if I didn’t work with awesome people.

Day 8: My trainer Angie….she pushes me to do things that I don’t think I am capable of and is in my corner! Even though I pay her, I consider her a friend! She has helped me change my life in so many ways.

Day 9: Drama Club! I love being able to inspire young actors and help them be apart of the arts. Even if it only changes 1 kids life, I would say all the time and energy is worth it. It is also a fun way to end my days at school!

Day 10: A healthy body! I am not just thankful for all the weight I have lost, but more so for a body that works and that allows me to work hard at the gym. I am thankful for no aches or pains, even when I am sore and tired!

Day 11 (Friday): For supportive principals! This last week on Friday we had a Poetry Jam in the library! I am so thankful that I have principals that allow us to take risks in the classroom, so we can inspire kids to work hard and have fun!

Day 12: (Yesterday) My nephew! I love that little guy, he is starting to talk and he is constantly on the move, but I love him. He is fun to play with and so smart! I wish I could be around him more.

Day 13: (Today) I am thankful for my Sunday mornings at The Roasterie. Days like today when I especially need to spend time with God and reflect are good for my heart and soul. I am thankful that I have the money to come every week. I am thankful for a church that has an evening service. I am thankful for big tables to spread out on. I am thankful for time. I am so glad for where I am at in my life that I have time on a Sunday morning to spend an extended time with God.

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