New Challenge/Goal

This summer I have started training for my new challenge. If I don’t have a physical goal to work for, it is hard for me to stay on track with eating. For me it is easier to eat to train rather than not eat to lose weight. See the difference. I am mentally tricking myself to eat well! 🙂

Anyways, my new goal or challenge is to run a 10K at the end of August. I have already started working on my training schedule. Today I ran approx. 4 miles. I say approximately because I was running a trail I usually don’t run and it is hard to tell whether I had the mileage right. In Kansas right now it is pretty muggy and humid so running outside is a task, a sweaty task. But I did it.

My plan is to get up to running 7-8 miles by the end of August. I have run 6 miles before, so I know that I can do it. I am mixing running with cross training and weights to make sure I don’t hurt my knees. So, would you keep asking me how I am doing with this, to hold me accountable to my training? I am hoping to then begin training for a half marathon after that. EEkk! Isn’t that nuts? Yeah, I think so a little bit. However, I like to think back to last year at this time when I was barely able to run 2 minutes on a treadmill! Look how far I have come!

That is my challenge/goal! What is yours? What are you currently or going to challenge yourself to do?

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