How People Change

I am currently reading a book called “How People Change” by Timothy Lane and Paul David Tripp.

I started reading this book by suggestions from someone or maybe I heard a quote from it on a Sunday, I can’t really remember. As I try to figure out how to change different things in my life, these sort of books are important because they get me thinking about why I would even want to change and how any change that happens doesn’t happen because I did it on my own, but because of Christ in me. Anyways, from time to time, I will comment on something I am reading in it.

Today, I came across this quote:
“Jesus is not a vending machine that dispenses what we want to feel good about ourselves. He is the Holy One who comes to cleanse us, fill us, and change us. He does not do this according to our agendas. He will not serve our wayward needs. He loves us too much to merely make us happy. He comes to make us holy. There will be many occasions when he will not give us what we think we need, but rather, he will give us what he knows we need.”

This quote brings me to think about some different frustrations that I have in my life right now. Am I treating Jesus like a vending machine? Do I try to fit Him into my own agenda? Do I desire to have him just make me happy? I love that we have a God that doesn’t just desire to make us happy, but make us holy!

I am still sorting through what I think about this, but this quote rang loud and clear in my head for a reason.

One thought on “How People Change

  1. I love your heart for the Lord and how you're trying to sort through everything and getting to what really matters. That what our whole life is all about…. getting closer to Him. Thanks for the post.


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