Chocolate Banana Cupcakes–LOW FAT!

Yesterday, I was seriously craving chocolate and I didn’t have a BBQ to mooch of other people’s efforts! So I decided to make something to enjoy myself.

I did have a hamburger on our nations B-Day (ya know….just to be patriotic and such), so I wanted to make sure I made something that was low in fat and bad stuff. (I don’t think sugar is terrible for you. 🙂 )

Did you know that lots of other things can be substituted for eggs in baked goods! Yeah, I know…CRAZY! You just need eggs or something there to make all the ingredients stick together. SO I sort of invented a recipe based off information that I got from google! (Gotta love google)
To make it easier, I just used a box mix, but I am looking forward to finding recipes that use more whole wheat flours and oats and such. I will post a picture of the cupcakes later! I didn’t decorate them or anything, but I didn’t really need to….it was just me eating them!

ChocoBanana Low-Fat Cupcakes

1 Cake Mix- (I like Betty Crockers Devil’s Food, but you can use anyone that you want…you could even find a sugar free one if you are feeling guilty about making them anyways.)

1/2 cup of Mushed Bananas per egg (Again depends on the recipe, but this one required 3, so I mushed up a 1.5 cups of bananas…luckily I had some that were going bad sitting around.)

1/4 tsp of Baking Powder per egg (this helps it not be so dense apparently…so says google)

1 cup of water (the box recipe required 1.5 cups but I added 1 cup and mixed and it looking runny enough.)

Once you get it all in the bowl, mix it with a mixer or hand mixer for 2 minutes. (I don’t have a Kitchen Aid mixer yet…so I just used a hand mixer.) Mixing it helps add a little air to the dough so that it will be flufflier.

This mix makes 24 cupcakes, but you could make a cake instead.

Anyways, I use this nifty website called Recipe Calculator that helps me calculate the total calories per serving, after entering the ingredients I get this:
Per Cucpake: 98 Calories and 2 grams of fat!

Needless to say fulfilling my chocolate fix will not be followed by a guilt trip!

What are you guilt free tasty recipes?

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