Top 5 Friday

I am sort of borrowing this idea from a blog I read…. AnnieBlogs. I have been trying to think of something to write about all day, so I thought maybe this would spark my ideas.

I think I am going to try to do this every week. But a different topic every time. But first!

On a side note, we had a Boil Alert aka “boil your water or drink contaminated water and die” (okay maybe not die but you get my point). I found this incident pretty funny, especially after going to the store and watching all these people buy up bottled water and such. It made me think of being in Nigeria and how they would have to boil and filter water everyday just so they would get sick. And how there are millions of people that go without clean water everyday.

This week, I am just going to give you the Top 5 things that I did with my week!

1. Spend a delightful afternoon at The Roasterie in Brookside. I was so sad when I moved to KC to move away from Manhattan and my favorite coffeshop The Bistro (aka The Bluestem Bistro). This is now my favorite place to plant myself for an afternoon.

2. Ran 3 Miles in under 30 minutes. It felt great, I have been struggling to get my running back to where I want it to be. Now I think I am up for training for a Half Marathon this fall. Eek, that sounds crazy!

3. Women’s Desserts at Church….I got to know some pretty awesome women and was challenged to step out and take the first step to get to know people better in my community.
We also read and discussed The Cross Centered Life by C.J. Mahaney. Such good stuff in there! (Don’t worry I didn’t partake of desserts…I have been pretty good this week.)

4. Babysitting the most adorable little girl! She is only 6 Months old and just cute as a button! We spent a lovely evening together. We played, scooted across the floor, had a bottle, then went to sleep! She was so smiley even after she went to sleep. If her mom says it is okay, I will post a photo of her cuteness! I love hanging out with kiddos, and then being able to leave and come back to my apartment all alone!

5. Hanging out with some pretty cool peeps….so really this is several things, but what I love about summers as a teacher, I get to have lots of time to see people that I probably wouldn’t otherwise see during the school year.

So in no order, I got my tan on at the pool with my southern friend Kristen,
watched SYTYCD with Kari, went to see X-Men with Lauren (the only save grace of that movie was James McAvoy), had breakfast with my teacher friend Pam, and had coffee with my college friend Becca. ( Still weird to qualify certain peeps from college and real life? I mean because we are still friends now!)

What are your Top 5 things from this week?

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