Sometimes I just need that “crunch” to satisfy the munchies. So I have found a few snacks that do that but don’t cost me a lot of calories. I like to think about my calories as a budget for everyday and I have only so many to spend. It helps me think “is that worth what it is going to cost me.”

So here is a snack that I enjoy, especially in the summer!

Veggies & Hummus

Veggies are pretty much 0 calories so you can eat a lot of them and they fill you up!

Red Peppers- Tastes so great with hummus
Carrots- satisfies the crunch
Broccoli- lots of fiber
Cucumbers – lots of water, fills you up
(Or any fresh veggies that you enjoy)

I usually buy a roasted garlic hummus. 2 Tablespoons of it is about 70 calories. Sabra brand is my favorite, but Athenos is pretty great too!

What are your favorite snacks that are low in calories but high in satisfaction?

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