I love breakfast. It is just my favorite meal of the day. There are so many good things you can eat at breakfast. Sweet things, salty things, eggs, bacon, bread, fruit, and coffee.

So when it comes to losing weight and cutting back calories I had to find a way to still eat wonderful things for breakfast. I have made simple substitutions and found ways to still eat what I like. This is what I had this morning.

Yogurt and Granola: (You could call it a yogurt parfait but I didn’t put in a cup, I put in a bowl.)
4 oz of fat free vanilla yogurt – 70 calories
1/3 cup of Special K Granola – 80 calories
4 strawberries cut up – 25 calories

4 oz of Orange Juice- 65 Calories

Total Calories for Breakfast: 240 Calories

Other options that I have for Breakfast:
–Fried Egg and Mini Whole Wheat Bagel w/ Fat free cream cheese
–Low Carb Pita and Scramble Eggs-1 whole and 1 egg white w/ green peppers and onions
(I discovered that you can freeze peppers and onions chopped up. Revolutionized my meals!)
–Oatmeal w/ Blueberries

What do you eat for breakfast?

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