Every Sunday, I spend an hour or two at one of my favorite coffeeshops. It is a little out of my way, but I don’t mind because they have great coffee and great seating. I usually spend this time thinking about what God is teaching me. Sometimes I spend the time reading or just writing out to God. Lately, I feel like I have this on going dialogue with God about what I am supposed to do with my future.

Not that I have major decisions to make, or major things in my path, but I feel like God tugging on my heart to start praying about major unknown things. This conversation with God is refreshing because I feel more open than ever to be completely honest with myself and with God. I feel like I am laying more heart out more and more for Him.

This time every week is important to my soul. I feel refreshed and filled up. It’s just me and God and a whole bunch of strangers that I can easily ignore by putting in my headphones and listening to my many pandora stations.

It has become a tradition over the winter months and I am excited to continue it over the summer. What weekly traditions do you have that are food for you soul?

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