I am still reading TrueFaced…and every time I read it, I am blown away how applicable it is to my life and what I am going through right now. Here are two thoughts from what I read this week.

“When we walk around with unresolved sin, it’s as if we’re wearing a heavily insulated parka on the hottest day of summer. We are suffocating and can’t figure out why.”

This would describe a lot of what I have felt in the last five years.

“Repentance is a gift of God’s grace because your repentance literally doesn’t have a chance without grace. Grace alone resolves sin. “

This sounds so cliche-ish, but I am beginning to think a lot more about the true role of grace and how the Cross brings grace to fruition.

In this chapter about repentance, it says that repentance is about trust in God to take care of your sin for you.

So many things to think over.

Just wanted to share.

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