Happy Heart Moments!

Have I mentioned lately how much I love teaching? Because I do. On days that I have a plan and the plan is working and the students are learning things, those are the days that make my soul happy. Not because I am doing something right but because those days I can breath and enjoy my job rather than stress out about what I am doing wrong. On those days, I am able to have conversations and get to know my students a little more. Here are so “happy heart moments” from this past week.

#1- I got a Valentine from one of my students. It said that she has never had so much fun in school till my class….just my class of course. She said I was her favorite student. It hit me in the gut, because I think about how many times I don’t go out of my way to interact one on one with not just this student but others as well. However, this was a moment that makes my job and the stress worth it.

#2- Drama club was super fun this week. These kids get so excited about it, and they ask me several days before hand if we are having it. They look forward to a chance to get up on stage and act goofy on purpose! Sometimes I am so tired when I get to the end of the day, but after an hour of laughter, they have put me in a better mood.

#3- A scene from my class as I was handing out homework and explaining it (This was Wednesday):
Student A: (raises hand)Ms. Spare, what are you doing this weekend?
Me: That has nothing to do with the homework. You are not allowed to ask questions that don’t have to do with comparing and contrasting.
Student A: (20 seconds later raises hand again. I call on him thinking it has to do with the homework.) Ms. Spare, can I compare your weekend plans to mine?
Class bursts into laughter….with me as well.

At least he listened.

I can honestly say that I enjoy all my students….some for different reasons then others. As much as they frustrate me, I love being in the classroom with them.

I will try to share some more heart moments later this week!

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