Belated Pictures

Here are some pictures that I have been meaning to put up! I got a new camera for Christmas and my goal is to take more pictures of 2011!

We have him hooked early. He was watching soccer and wearing appropriate gear.

I just love him, love him, love him! He is getting big so fast!

We had a reception for Jonathan and Laura, and me being the most wonderful sister helped my mom out with decorations and getting ready.

They had to tell their story…it was very detailed and long, but great nonetheless!

We got some really great family photos taken! Getting my family to look natural in pictures is sometimes difficult…we all aren’t as photogenic as I am.
For New Year’s Eve, Emily and Kari came over for a sweat pants party with French Toast included! We got to play a little Wii on our beautiful TV! I might have to get one of my own!

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