Snow Day!

I have mixed feelings about these snow days! Don’t get me wrong I love getting out of work and having an excuse to watch cable and lay on my couch, and I did get 2 really great workouts in, but sometimes I just miss being around people.

However, these days has allowed me to get some work done and spend some time thinking. As much as I like breaks, sometimes it seems like being on a break sends you into orbit. You float around, relax, rest, and watch some good TV. However, being in the daily grind helps me stay on track in a lot of ways. I like being in a schedule and know what is coming next. I also like to know when I can and cannot rest. If that makes sense? I like know when I have to work and when I get to play. It helps my brain function well.

I am ready to be back at school, mostly because I need work to do, and being at school reminds me that I have work to do…being at home reminds me of…well, sleeping, eating, and chillaxin’.

What do you guys think? Do you like unexpected days off or prefer to plan for it?

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