The Most Wonderful Time of the Year

I think I write that title with a tad bit of sarcasm, these last 3 weeks have been extremely busy and unfortunately every time I sit down to write a blog post I don’t feel motivated or inspired. However, right now I am sitting at the car dealership getting my car serviced and have a little time on my hands. So for a little update.

In the last month I:
-Went to my 9th wedding of the year. (Yep, I am a little tired of it…happy for them, but tired of the experience.)
-Got to see my adorable nephew again.
-Put on a middle school play, complete with drama and me doing a little yelling at them. (Not to mention all the shushing that went on during the performance.)
– Was baptized
– Somehow graded a bunch of papers
– Made goodies for a bunch of people at school
– Barely started shopping for Christmas gifts
– Got new cable
– Somehow got a majority of my students to finish testing before break
– Decorated for Christmas

Okay, now I am about to start making stuff up, but I was pretty busy. I do have a couple of pictures to share. My roommate and I sent out Christmas cards this year….here is our picture.
Our Christmas decorations!

A picture from my baptism. I have to say this was such a good day. I wish I could say the rest of the month as meaningful, but unfortunately it has just been busy.
From the wedding….got to see some wonderful friends!

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