Mental Health Day

This week was hard for some reason. I had a lot on my plate, the kids were a handful, I was stressed, and tired. Even though last weekend was nice and relaxing, I was still needing a day. So I took one. I drove to Manhattan to meet friends and enjoy one of the places I identify as home. It was homecoming weekend so the town is full with Alumni and fans to celebrate all this KSU!

It was like food for my soul to spend time with good friends and drink familiar coffee. It was encouraging to see my sisters and not feel like I needed to be somewhere else.

To top it off, after dinner some of us stopped by Ford Hall, my old home. It was fun to be on the same floor I spend a year living on with my best friend. All the memories came flooding back and I was so excited to be there. There is something about a college campus that just makes you excited and hopeful. It seems like the beginning of something exciting and unknown. I love being around freshmen who are experiencing it all for the first time. I wish I could stay and hang out with them all the time. More thoughts on this later!

There are very few times when I miss college, but this was definitely one of them.
My year was the year that was responsible for the stripes. At first I thought it looked like a sunday school room!

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