fall thoughts

I love this time of year:
-all the trees turning beautiful oranges and reds
-driving down streets and the leaves flutter up behind you
-rain and cool breeze
-warm lattes in a coffeeshops
-smell of pumpkin
-wearing sweaters and scarves
-fun socks

Wherever I am at I will be reminded of Manhattan, KS and how beautiful campus becomes during this time of year! I miss it every year. Even though my new apartment complex is pretty aweseomely beautiful too.

You know what else I miss….Maggie…(since I am pretty sure she is the only one that reads this blog…I can say this) I miss hanging out with her and taking fun pictures like these. I hope we can take some fun pictures again soon!

3 thoughts on “fall thoughts

  1. hey girl! I read this too! 🙂 I would LOVE to see you this weekend if it works out. I am taking Friday off work so I will be in Manhattan sometime Friday afternoon. I have some gals to get some time with and you are on that list. Let me know what your plans are. As for the slow motion hug, I AM SO IN!


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