Summer: The rest of it!

Okay, so I have gotten way behind so I have decided to post all about the last 2-3 weeks of summer in one post. That way it might be more exciting for anyone who reads my blog.

Last week of July:
Erin and I moved into our new place, so this week was spent unpacking and getting adjusted to the new place. However, we have yet to put stuff on our walls or throw some boxes away. We like our new place a lot better, lots more storage, closer to church, and my work, and later close to Erin’s work. It also has so much more space.

Here are other pictures that describe the rest of my summer!

Kari and I took a trip to Independence, I don’t think I have ever been to the other side of Kansas City, this is what the other side looks like.

This is just one of many pictures that I took of Wilson this summer. Plus my beautiful sister!

I spent a weekend at home home for a family wedding, which of course included Wilson, but look how happy he makes Grandma and Aunt Stasia.

Look who I found at this fun family wedding….long lost friends from afar!
My cousin Emily and her husband Brett drove all the way from the Chicago area for a fun family weekend. Stasia and I are always glad to see one of our favorite relatives.
YEAH Wilson….isn’t he adorable…I can’t get enough of him. I could just have a whole post full of Wilson!
And finally some video that indicates how wonderfully beautiful his voice is!



Finally, I can’t forget this very important event that ended my summer!! SYTYCD, it pretty much is my favorite reality show because I love dance, it so amazing to watch amazing dancers do amazing things! And I get to go watch them on Tour in September!! Soooo Excited!

The Top Three!

Kent and Lauren were my favorites! I voted for Kent about 20 times after the finale! I also thought that they would make a really cute couple as well!

However, Lauren ended up winning. She was pretty amazing though, whatever dance was thrown at her she rocked!

More about this new school year to come!

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