Way Behind!! Days 15-21

I don’t know exactly how, but I have gotten behind, so I am going to do one big entry with some pictures to describe exactly what I have been doing.

Thursday (Day 15), Erin and I found an apartment. We had really wanted a house, but that didn’t really work out. So we settled for a sweet apartment with a sweet deal. Here is the picture I took from my car. As soon as I move in, I will put up more pictures.

Friday (Day 16):
Kari and Emily moved in on Thursday, I attempted to help them, but since my trainer is kicking my butt, I wasn’t much help. On friday, I helped Kari find a suit for interviews. It made me remember those days when I was job searching and how new being an adult felt. She will probably hate me for putting this up.

Saturday (Day 17):
I had a jewelry party. I learned that people are still busy during the summer, except for teachers! But it was still fun! I was hosting a party and this girl was selling! Love her! And she is really going to hate me for putting up this picture, but that’s what she gets for putting it on Facebook! This is from when I went to Nigeria with her!

Sunday (Day 18):
It is the day of rest…and that is exactly what I did. I rested, and went to a movie! I love that I have new friends in KC to hang out with. Especially ones that don’t have too much to do.
Emily and I went to see Killers. It was pretty good! Funny! I just love Ashton Kutcher.

Monday (Day 19):
Spending most of the day at Panera was my idea of a great day! Have I said how much I love having someone to do stuff with!

Tuesday (Day 20):
Shakespeare in the Park with Christine! (I really need to take more pictures instead of finding them.)

Wednesday (Day 21):
Lunch with friends, then taking my car to the dealership, then read a whole book!

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