Summer Day 6 (Rain and Injury)

I told my roommate that I was going to clean my room. However, everyone knows that when it is a rainy day, all the motivation has been washed away and you are obligated to pop in a movie or grab a good book. I pretty much did both. When I did decide that I could no longer stand my house, I ran for it and ended up at Scooters and watched it rain.
This Scooters has become my go to local coffee shop…I will be sad to leave it when I move.

Then…..when I went to the store (in the rain) to get the supplies to make a lovely pasta salad for the community meal at church, I injured myself. Actually, I re-injured myself. There I was just walking along picking up my groceries….then…..SPLAT….I bit it in next to the Orange Juice. There was one nice woman who asked me if I was okay, but I really wasn’t. I slipped on a wet spot and landed on my already injured knee. It swelled up so fast that I could barely walk. However, since this was the 2nd time I did this, I knew the remedy. Not walking. Here is the bruise.

So sadly, I wasn’t able to make the pasta salad or go to the community meal…..but I was able to watch THE SEASON FINALE of GLEE!!!! (I had to use capitalization because I say it with such excitement.)

I don’t have room to write all that went through my mind, but I will later devote a whole entry to my love of GLEE. Here, is a picture from the finale! SO GOOOD!! (EEEEH…my noise of excitement)

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