Living life one day at a time….

I am now a 7th Grade English teacher.
They call me Ms. Spare.
I have had two days of school.
My kids are going to be great….I just have a feeling about most of them.
I am going to learn to like 5:00am.
Today is Saturday and I slept in and laid in my bed till noon.

I have been living somewhere new for 3 weeks.
I live with one of my best friends.
I don’t live far from my BFF and other BF’s.
However, I miss my friends in Manhattan something awful. My heart is aching a bit for them today. Also aching for the Bistro.

I am live in Johnson County and teach in Wyandotte County. There is a big difference.

What’s the same:
I am sitting working on stuff in Panera.
I still need coffee everyday.
I am still using my mini fridge.
I still need to cry after a long week.
God is still so good to me.
I still need to be dependent on God.

This was not a poem…..:)

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