sadness about the view

I sat in my living room this morning, still in my pajamas, eating my simple breakfast of toast and coffee, watching the ladies on The View. It is not a surprising thing for my annoyance to rise as I watch their show. They really do spend most of the time arguing with each other about politics and comedians, and they way they each choose to live their lives differently. This morning they didn’t have their regular fifth outspoken young Christian woman their to defend Sarah Palin and the Republican party or even semi-biblical views of the topics. So needless to say their conversation was quite bland and not as hot as my coffee. However, I still managed to be interested in their conversation, not because I was agreeing with their “view” in anyway possible, but because I was struck in my heart by sadness for these T.V. personalities.

Their topic was the Afterlife, as that they were having Tom Hanks and Ron Howard on promoting their new movie “Angels and Demons”. I caught mostly the tail end of the conversation. Even the one other lady on the show that shares the Christian perspective, only does so to the point that allows her comforting thoughts in her everyday life. The sad part about their conversation, was that they flippantly talked as if none of them were concerned that their life could end in a instant and they have no guarantee of where they would be headed for all of eternity. They joked about going to Hell, which apparently isn’t the newest vacation spot for the uppercrust of Hollywood personalities. Sadly, this is much of American, not completely comprehending that Hell, like Heaven is eternity. And heaven isn’t just an extension of the good things here on earth, because maybe they don’t see that the earth that we live on isn’t perfect, but I don’t want to be here for eternity.

Not only Americans, but modern society want to be comfortable living here on earth, they are starved to make their lives easy and controllable. They build tall fences, big houses, drive tinted cars, and have people to do their shopping, so that they don’t have to see the hard things in life, and if they have already seen those things and been through hard things, they soon forget because they are able to live happily after in their castles in the hills, and in the sky scrapers, never having to consider about whether they are going to survive the night. They medicate themselves not always with prescriptions, but with money, alcohol, clothes, pretty parties and people, activity, and other important people, to numb themselves from the grave reality that they are mortal beings and do someday have to face the one and only True God, that will hold them accountable.

It is easy for me to encounter a moment like that on television and mutter words like “what is this world coming to” (well, the end….eventually). And it is easy to judge their hearts and minds, but I know that it isn’t easy on T.V. to divulge what you really think, in fear that they become the next popular Joke for late night comedians or quipping Bloggers to blog about. But that they may do…live in fear of something. Afraid to make the wrong step, lest they be taken down from their position to comment on society and celebrities to housewives across America that watch their show.

Lately, I have been struck but the lies that our society believe and hold fast too about life, about money, about living, about jobs and careers, about love and marriage, about our world, and even about God. Devastatingly sad, and irrevocably damaging to our society, I find myself blessed beyond doubt that I know deep in my soul, that Jesus lives in me, and that I have eternal life guaranteed and am unified with my one and only Heavenly Father, through the atoning sacrifice of Jesus Christ. That is gloriously amazing….I rest in that for myself, but pray that it may be true in the near future for those that are believing the lies and deciets of the enemy. He has been working hard and fast in our society to tear down the plants of truth. Thankfully, I serve a God who has conquered his enemy many times over and always will. I serve a God that is infinitely everything!

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