Times have been trying…times have been hard and are continuing to get hard. I read article after article about this recession and the kind of toll that it has been taking on our nation…on the people who already have nothing. I read these sort of articles and can get very discouraged as I myself am searching for a job…some sort of employment that will allow me to live, eat, maybe have a little fun.

However, I listened to sermon after sermon, read scripture after scripture, hear encouragement after encouragement, that God is able…that God is good…that God loves his children and he means to provide for them and take care of them. Sometimes in the midst of all the discouragement, I am not able to remember that…to cling to those words of truth, that I belong to a God that has provide His one and only Son to be our atonement for sin, and yet is still able to provide for me physically, and in fellowship.

It is hard to cling to that in the midst of the storm that I am in. It is hard to cling to that, when all I see ahead of me is black uncertainty.

But it is true nonetheless…and I still desire to hold fast to that truth, that I serve a God that is able to do all things, no matter the policitical, financial state of this nation. Even if my faith is small, I serve a immense God!

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