notes from readings

transforming grace by jerry bridges

“Though no one ever comes right out and says so, somehow the vague impression is created in our minds that we’d better do those things or God will not bless us. Then we turn to the Bible and read that we are to work out our salvation, to pursue holiness, and to be diligent to add to our faith such virtues as goodness, knowledge, self-control, and love. In fact, we find the Bible filled with exhortations to do good works and pursue the disciplines of spiritual growth. Again, because we are legalistic by nature, we assume our performance in these areas earns God’s blessings in our lives.

I feel like that has happened a lot in my life. I feel like I am supposed to live up to the standards of performance that are set before me. And I ration it out in my mind that I will not be blessed by God if I don’t perform in this certain way. Somewhat of a hard reality, I think to face is that no matter what we do….how bad we sin, we cannot prevent God from blessing us. I really don’t think I grasp it, and maybe I never fully will. I don’t get the fact that he has given me such amazing grace and I have done nothing to earn it. Then thought goes through my mind that I will never be able to repay God. However, I don’t need to. Our works are not a repayment, we do not owe anything, but yet we should give our lives for his glory and honor. Like I said it is a hard reality or crazy thought to wrap our minds around and I don’t think we will ever be able to completely wrap our minds around it. Even as I am applying for jobs and trying plan out my life, I feel like if I try to have good quiet times and spend some great time with him, then surely he will bless me with a great job in my desired city! BUT that’s not how God works, I know for a fact that I can do nothing to earn God’s blessing, in fact we do nothing to earn his love.

Amazing is His grace and love!

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