Sad Neglected Blog:(

Greetings my forgotten blog,
Sorry I have not updated you in a while. I am sorry if you have felt sad or neglected. I have looked at you, even used you to look at friends update blogs. Don’t be jealous that those other blogs have owners that aren’t as busy as I am. I promise I have been thinking about you and all the the thoughts that I would love to put there.

Oh blog, I have been having a great time student teaching, and I think some of my students might actually enjoy having me in the classroom. They are a little squirrely sometimes and definitely have their moments, but it has been fun. There is always something new happening and I certainly have plenty of stories.

Even more, my dear little blog, I have been learning a lot lately. I haven’t had much time to sit and think, but I steal some moments from time to time to ponder things that I experience or moments of my day.

You are not the only one neglected though, my roommates, my friends, and my family, have somehow taken back seat to this experience this semester. Don’t be fearful of total abandonment. I am sure that I will have some moments like these when I can comfort you or give you hope for future times when I can think deep thoughts and put some of my reflecting on here. Please continue to stand proud and tall that you are my blog. I will not give up on you!


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