Jan. 30th, 2007 (Thoughts that I thought)

More and more that I think about. I have something to say and I want the world to hear it. I don’t know how but I want to. I want teenage girls to know that they are worth loving and beautiful. I want women to know that they can be single and the world will not end. I want low income families to know and value that money isn’t everything. I want college freshman to understand that the world is bigger than them, but they have four years to figure it out. I want college seniors not to be afraid of what is out there. I want mothers and fathers not to be scared of what is happening in the world and afraid of sending their children to school. I want all the nerds and geeks to know that intelligence is not something to be ashamed of. I want jocks and cheerleaders to know what they do in high school is not the epitome of their life, they have a long way to go. I want the outcast artist to know what they sketch and paint is beautiful and amazing. I want young girls to understand that being different is not a bad thing, but a wonderful and amazing work of our creator. Who wants to live in a world where everyone is the same as us. I want my younger sister to understand that she is beautiful and a boy will not satisfy that aching place in her heart. I want the rich to understand that they can live without the latest gadgets but children in Africa will not live without food. I want Hollywood to understand that the movies and TV that they produce is sometimes great but most of the time causing irreversible damage to this generation. I want all the unreached people groups to know and understand the saving grace of the Lord Jesus Christ. Are these things far fetched, yes! Are these things impossible, some of them. These are things that I want, but most of all I want to know and understand these things as well. So maybe telling the world these things is not so much about letting other people know but convincing myself.

As I sit here writing, I understand it somewhat better. I understand that I have a place in this world. It is not so much about standing on a rooftop and shouting these proclamations at the top of my lungs, but about whispering them into the ears of one individual at a time. It may seem like a daunting task to help the world one individual at a time, but isn’t that the truth that I claim to be living by. Isn’t that what I am striving for.

—These are some thoughts from the past, but I am still thinking them and probably even more so now!

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