The Dance

This poem is somewhat a work in progress, but its something that I have been thinking about for a while. It was brought on my an unlikely song, but one that has made me continue to think about what all I am trusting my Savior with…my heart…my present…my future!

As I stood on that wall

I felt ugly with my self-esteem so small.

Would anyone notice me or even care?

Would someone see my dress, or notice my hair?

Even more, I longed to dance,

To step on the floor with a partner or two.

But instead, I just stood on the wall,

Hoping, it would different this time, that I would see you.

All of a sudden, like scene from the screen,

The crowded room parted in the middle.

To reveal the sight of you stepping towards me.

Offering your hand, I get ready to flee

Embarrassed, I turn, nervous, I blush.

Shaking and confused, I whisper, Yes!

Then we begin to move.

No one else is dancing

As you sweep me into your arms.

The song was unknown

But the melody was sweet,

Perfect for dancing and not ending too soon.

You gaze into my eyes,

Staring straight to my soul.

I shudder at the thought

Of the messiness dwells there full.

But you keep leading

Guiding me with best of ease.

Your arms are strong and firm

Warm in my hand and at my side.

I feel safe and secure,

Unable to fall, even if I tried.

The tears start to well,

In the ducts of my eyes.

“What’s wrong,” you ask me.

As if you can read my mind.

“I am not sure, exactly…

Perhaps, I am confused.

Why did you for me?”

I mean, I’ve known you forever,

We hangout all the time.

But why me? Why this chance?

Why do I deserve this dance?”

You smile, looking again in my eyes,

Hoping to assure me with the sparkle in yours.

“Your special and precious”

Is whispered in my ear.

“No one is like you,

Your one of a kind.

Dancing with you

Is a treat, I should be standing in line.”

Those words, were all I longed to hear,

Not empty ones, but full of joy and love

And hope and no fear

After one song, I tried

To step away, go back to the wall.

Back to feeling small.

You gripped my hands and didn’t let go.

“No, your mine to keep.

Your heart belongs to me.

So let’s keep dancing and

Not leave this floor.

Lean on my shoulder, and rest in my arms

I won’t leave you, or let you come to harm.

But one thing you must let me do,

No matter what, you have to let me lead you.”

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