Today, as I was driving into work down a side street, I checked in my rearview mirror and saw the leaves flutter up behind me. That is one of my favorite images, the wind grabbing hold of the colored leaves and pushing them upwards. If you listen really hard you can hear the flutter. I love the flutter of leaves.

The changing of the seasons provides a high definition viewing of God’s glory.
-The rays of sun hitting the different colors of leaves at sunset.
-The dew on my car and in the grass in the mornings.
-The cool breeze blowing through my window in the afternoons.
-The jackets and scarves that are beginning to be worn.
-The apple and carmels…yummy.

These are just a few of the many that I can think of. Is God awesome?

Pictures to come!

3 thoughts on “Fall

  1. so im commenting for the THIRD time because you havent written a new post yet…..thanks for reading my blog, it makes me smile. secondly, it was two posts not one…..haha i love you!! but are you watching elf in spite of pre-christmas celebration, cause you know how i dont like holiday skippers. i always feel so bad for thanksgiving, the poor thing is overshadowed by christmas……o and i just watched one tree hill which reminded me of you and erin. and i cried cause they played with 4 since q had died….SO SAD


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