Dearly Beloved….

This summer, I have had many weddings to go to. In fact in the last four weeks I have had a wedding every Saturday! The first was my best friend, followed by another close friend, then next my little sister, and finally a friend from a while ago. Even though I did not have to really get involved in the last one, I did. I helped out with the programs, printing them and stamping them for her. I actually enjoyed it. I felt useful.

The thing is, everyone asks me how I am doing with all these people around me getting married. Like all these weddings should cause me to quake on my solid foundation. And the reality is, I have already been quaking all year long. I am actually doing well right now. I have dealt with it. I realized that if I had moped around during this time instead of being fantastically happy for them, I would have ruined the time I did have with them. I have gotten used to it. I am excited for them. I actually loved going to all these different weddings and seeing the reflection of the couple in the ceremonies and the receptions.

And seriously…going through the stress and work of a wedding makes me appreciate my singleness and where God has me right now!

One thought on “Dearly Beloved….

  1. o larissa….how i love you!!! thanks for being so encouraging. way to be joyful for your friends….its easy to see that your joy comes straight from the lord!


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